Thursday, April 2, 2009

TIP: How I Keep Salad Cold on a Buffet Table

It's difficult to keep hot things hot and cold things cold on a buffet table without catering equipment. Here is a method I have used on occasion to keep salads cold on my catering buffet tables. I happened across this illustration in the May/June issue of Cook's Illustrated which explains it far better than I can. Of course, I will give it a shot anyway.
  1. Fill appropriate size zip top bag for the bowl you are using with ice, add 3 tablespoons of table salt to ice and mix well. The ice helps the ice stay cold longer.
  2. Place the closed zip bag in the bottom of your bowl, top ice with decorative lettuce and then top lettuce with your salad. The salad will stay cold for at least an hour.

1 comment:

  1. That is really cool - literally! With the decorative lettuce, you don't freeze the salad and ruin it. Perfect idea that I will certainly use!